We spend more time on our smartphones everyday than on any other device. We can practically do almost any task that we'd normally do using a PC or laptop. Smartphones are essentially pocket-sized computers after all. With the amount of tasks we perform with it, it's no doubt that smartphones are power-hungry gadgets. Making powerbanks more and more of a necessity than an accessory.


Gone are the days when we didn't need to charge our phones everyday. Can't help but miss those Nokia phones that could last for days or even weeks without the need for you to recharge them. But it looks like some research engineers at the University of California at Riverside might just have the solution for future gadgets with a battery made with portobello mushrooms. Yep. you read that right.


Portobello Mushrooms.PNG

Image: thebeautybean


If you're interested to know how the research engineers came up with this new technological breakthrough, I'm quoting a paragraph from cnet's article:


"Perhaps more importantly, portobello mushrooms are high in potassium salt, which makes the pores more accessible to the electrolytes in the battery with each charge and discharge cycle, which could actually increase the battery's capacity over time. So instead of a battery that degrades with each cycle and requires more frequent recharges, mushroom batteries might actually get better with age."


According to the paper, this technology needs more optimization before mushroom lithium ion batteries to replace traditional batteries. For more info about the team's research, you can read the article in full on the journal Nature Scientific Reports' online site here. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below (or food cravings for that matter). We're still talking about batteries here, right?