When I visited my grandparents house to attend a family reunion a few months ago, I remembered how my grandfather's dog was just begging me to take her picture. But taking a dog portrait or even a selfie with man's bestfriend is no easy task. I honestly struggled to get a good shot. I wasn't happy with the results so I ended up not posting any of the photos at all. Good thing the folks at Clever Dog Products came up with what they call Pooch Selfie. A lot of dog owners or just dog lovers in general will surely find this accessory very useful.

Pooch Selfie.PNG

The Pooch Selfie is essentially a plastic accessory that allows you to attach a tennis ball to the top of your smartphone so that you can easily capture your dog's attention. Once your furry friend loses focus halfway through your photoshoot, you can then quickly remove the tennis ball from the phone mount and use it to catch their eye.


Don't worry if your dog can't sit still long enough for a picture. A selfie with your pet will no longer be such an impossible task with the help of this smartphone accessory. Since dogs have a natural draw and focus to a tennis ball, the Pooch Selfie uses this focus to hold their gaze so you can go ahead and take a snap of that perfect portrait picture.

Pooch Selfie Smile.PNG

The company has already tripled their goal of $7,000 with only two weeks left on Kickstarter. If you're one of those who pledged a minimum of $13, you can expect to receive your very own Pooch Selfie as early as December 2015.