Hello Globe Community pals!


I'm sure you've seen a bunch of your friends sharing their own World of Wonder memes online on their social media accounts. The folks here in Community would like to give you a chance to win an LG G3 Beat by just doing exactly that.


To join, make sure to follow the mechanics below.


1. Visit www.wonderful.ph to make your own meme. You need a Facebook account to do this.

2. Once you've downloaded your meme, upload the image on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

3. Your caption must include the following "Here's my World of Wonder meme. Create yours at wonderful.ph and share #wonderful!"

4. Make sure to set your profile account and posts to public for us to see your entries.

5. Provide the links to all three public posts in the comments section below of this thread and ask your friends to give it a 'Thumbs Up!'

6. The participant with the most number of total Twitter Retweets, Instagram Likes and Community Thumbs Ups will be announced the winner.


Here's a sample from my good friend Barbs to give you an idea.

Barbs Meme.PNG

The giveaway is until October 30, 2015. So what are you waiting for? Start sharing you own memes and you might just win an LG G3 Beat from Community.