Wake up, Globe pals, to a brand new world. To a brand new Globe Community!


We’ve recently made changes to Globe Community’s homepage to reflect our evolving times—a portal that’s truly interactive, a world constantly in motion, one that offers a completely immersive experience. While maintaining aspects of the site dedicated to conversations about Globe products and services, the new redesign puts greater emphasis on content that make our lives more colorful.






The slider is where you’ll find the most important stuff on Community, complete with gorgeous hi-res artwork that really makes the content come alive. What you’ll find highlighted on the slider is—if you ask me—required reading for all Community members.




featured reviews.png


You read that right. From now on, members can expect featured reviews of devices that are available on the Online Shop. Got a brand new phone from Globe? Send us your in-depth review and you might just find your words featured on this section.






What’s a community without a place to read about—and talk about—the things that matter to you the most: your hobbies and interests? This section will be updated regularly so members are always up-to-date about what’s new at Globe.




Featured Member_1.PNG


This is the spot on the homepage dedicated just for YOU! The Featured Member section is where we’ll put the spotlight on the active member who’s managed to catch the attention of the Community Managers and members. This means, you can nominate someone you think deserves to be featured.






The Discussion Forums has always been the heart and soul of Community, so we’re giving it a new shine and polish reminiscent of a wonderful world that’s worth sharing.






Login to your Spotify account and listen to the music that the Globe Community moderators are listening to at the moment (right now, we’re all about Star Wars!). Make a friendly request and we might consider featuring your favorite song on our playlist.


What are your thoughts on the new redesign? Chime in on the comments below. We’d love to hear your feedback.