Last Friday, there has been an awakening.


Twenty five of the most active members—SuperFans, we call them—were invited to Globe Community’s annual SuperFans reunion for an evening of scrumptious food and unforgettable, yet light-hearted conversation with Community moderators and Globe leaders.


All the wonderful fun took place at Sala Bistro, Greenbelt 3, where both longtime and new SuperFans alike met each other for the first time, and some for the nth time! The event was attended by Ms. Rebecca V. Eclipse, Chief Customer Experience Officer; Ms. Yolanda C. Crisanto, SVP of Corporate Communications; Sir Miggy Dela Cruz, Director of Omni-channel; and Sir Glenn Y. Ong, Head of Omni-channel Orchestration.




After all the guests had arrived, the SuperFans were treated to a delicious first course of tiger prawn cocktail, subtly followed by beef bourguignon with creamy potato mash and fine beans as the main course, a light yet fulfilling meal that truly complimented the evening. For dessert, white chocolate and strawberry trifle was served, and a choice of either red or white wine.


What would a SuperFans reunion be without an awards ceremony and giveaways?


Longtime Community member and SuperFan ChitoReyes was bestowed the Most Active SuperFan Award. His fellow SuperFan, the always funny and witty WILLfindways, received the Most Helpful SuperFan Award. The other SuperFans were gifted Star Wars lootbags, compliments of Disney. We’re so proud of you guys!




There was so much laughter and excitement to be had meeting and conversing with the SuperFans in person, but by 9 PM we had to move on to our next exclusive event: the free movie screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, compliments of Globe Community Cine917.


As Han Solo so aptly put it, “Chewie, we’re home...”


‘Til next time!