SuperFan WILLfindways receives the Most Helpful SuperFan Award


If Marvel has superheroes, Globe Community has SuperFans!


SuperFans have always been the most active members of Community, and also the most helpful. Some of our SuperFans have been around for years while others are newcomers who truly showed their appreciation for Globe products and services. By frequently visiting Community and actively contributing through helping other members, you too can be a SuperFan.


It's our way of saying that, yes, anybody can become a SuperFan!


To celebrate our growing community of active members we invited our SuperFans to our annual SuperFans reunion last December 18, followed by a free movie screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, sponsored by Globe Community: Cine917. We also recognized the unwavering dedication of WILLfindways and ChitoReyes in helping shape Community to what it is today. These are just some of the perks and benefits of being an active Community member.



The Most Active SuperFan Award goes to ChitoReyes


So what are you waiting for? Be an active Community member now and become part of our wonderful group of SuperFans. Do that and we'll definitely see you at our next Cine917 event. It's super fun to be a SuperFan!