It’s that time of the year again! A new iOS version is just around the corner, with it a heap of exciting new features. Of course the big question is, will it impress?*


The next version of iOS will be 9.3. As of writing, it’s available as a developer preview so expect to encounter bugs and see some rough edges here and there. You may download it if you prefer to experience bleeding edge technology. At the moment there’s no official word from Apple regarding the final release schedule, as usual.


Below I’ve listed three of my most cherished features from iOS 9.3 Developer Preview.


  • First, and perhaps my most favorite, is the one Apple calls “Night Shift”. In a nutshell, what it does is it changes the color tint of your screen dependinng on the current time of day, the white pixels taking on a warmer tone as evening comes around. This is very helpful since research shows that bright and bluish light tend to keep us from falling asleep. Now that’s science!


  • My next top new feature is the enhanced Notes app. Now you can safely store sensitive information on it without worrying that someone might go over them without your permission. The Notes app now requires either fingerprint authentication or a simple passcode to open. I really like this new addition for privacy reasons, I’m sure, we can all relate to. In the case that your device isn’t on iOS 9.3 yet, the app won’t display your password-protected notes. Instead they’ll only show up on iOS 9.3-enabled iPhones and iPads. Pretty neat implementation!


  • Lastly, the Health app. Good news for all the health buffs out there! Apple streamlined the presentation so the Health app now displays your movement, exercise and standing details as well! One nifty addition is how the data synchronizes effortlessly with the Apple Watch so that all this information is available in one convenient place--on your wrist.


And that’s it! Those are my top three favorite features of iOS 9.3 Developer Preview. Releasing new updates and features has always been proven effective in shaking things up and getting everyone excited again. My guess is that we’ll see the official launch of iOS 9.3 sometime in February

Are you brave enough to install iOS 9.3 Developer Preview on your daily driver? If yes, what’s your favorite feature?