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1. What is Share-A-Promo?

With Share-A-Promo, you can transfer prepaid data promo offers to other Globe Prepaid and Tattoo Prepaid customers through *143#, SMS and in your nearest retailer!


2. How do I use Share-A-Promo?

Just text YOUR DESIRED GOSURF PROMO and send to 2 + 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient. For example: GOSURF50 send to 29161234567.


You will be charged P1 for each transaction. You can also use Share-A-Promo by dialing *143# from your Globe mobile phone, then choose Share-Load/Promo.


3. I received a message asking me if I want to proceed with my Share-A-Load/Promo transaction. Why am I getting this?

That is a validation message to ensure that all Share-A-Load/Promo transactions from your account are authorized. It also intends to protect you from fraudulent Share-A-Load/Promo transactions or text scams.


4. I got a validation message from 2652xxxxxxxxx. Is this a valid number? Should I reply to this?

Yes, that's a valid number. It's longer than the usual access numbers because it's comprised of 2652 plus your 9-digit transaction number. You may just reply "YES" if you wish to proceed with your Share-A-Promo transaction.


5. Does the sender of the validation message change every time I share-a-promo?

The first 4 digits, which are 2652, will not change, but the remaining 9 digits will change every time you do Share-A-Promo because that is the transaction number.


6. Is there a time limit for me to response to the validation message?

Yes, you have 5 minutes to reply. After which the transaction will be cancelled.


The sample message that you will receive is:

"Sorry, your Share-A-Load/Promo transaction has been cancelled because you were not able to respond within the required time period. Please try again."


7. Will I be charged if I reply YES?

No, you will not be charged for replying. But please be reminded that all Share-A-Load/Promo transactions are charged P1 whether you will proceed with the transaction or not.


8. How much will I be charged for using Share-A-Promo?

Besides the amount of the promo you will be sharing, each Share-A-Promo transaction is charged P1.


9. Do I need to maintain a balance to Share-A-Promo?

Yes, please maintain at least P1 to be able to share-a-promo.


10. Do I need to maintain a load balance to be able to use the promo that was shared to me?

Yes, please maintain at least P1 to use the promo that was shared.


11. What are the promos I can share?


GOSURF10PHP10Consumable 40MB data and 200MB Basic Spotify access1 DAY
GOSURF15PHP15Consumable 40MB data and 200MB Basic Spotify access2 DAYS
GOSURF30PHP30Consumable 100MB data and 300MB Basic Spotify access1 DAY
GOSURF50PHP50Consumable 350MB data and 400MB Basic Spotify access3 DAYS
GOSURF3DPHP99Consumable 500MB data and 400MB Basic Spotify access3 DAYS
GOSUFF7DPHP199Consumable 1GB data and 500MB Basic Spotify access7 DAYS
GOSURF15DPHP499Consumable 2.5GB data and 800MB Basic Spotify access15 DAYS
GOSURF99PHP99Consumable 100MB data and 1GB Basic Spotify access30 DAYS
GOSURF299 SPOTIFYPHP299Consumable 1.5GB data and 1GB Spotify Premium + 100MB for Games30 DAYS
GOSURF299 HOOQPHP299Consumable 1.5GB data and 1GB HOOQ access + 100MB for Games30 DAYS
GOSURF499 SPOTIFYPHP499Consumable 3GB data and 1GB Spotify Premium + 100MB for Games30 DAYS
GOSURF499 HOOQPHP499Consumable 3GB data and 1GB HOOQ access + 100MB for Games30 DAYS
GOSURF999 SPOTIFYPHP999Consumable 5GB data and 1GB Spotify Premium + 100MB for Games30 DAYS
GOSURF999 HOOQPHP999Consumable 5GB data and 1GB HOOQ access + 100MB for Games30 DAYS

12. Is there a limit to the amount I can share, and the number of Share-A-Promo transactions I can make?

Maximum Promo Price to be shared per transactionNumber of transactions per day
PrepaidPhp 150 per transaction5 times
PostpaidPhp 500 per planShare-A-Load transaction limits based on your plan.


13. Will my SIM expiry if I don’t use the promo shared to me?

Your SIM will expire based on the following parameters:

i. No loading and browsing activity within 60 days upon activation of the SIM

ii. Share-a-Promo is not considered as a reload to a SIM.

iii. If a sub just keeps on using share-a-promo without loading their SIM within 60 days upon activation, will expire.

14. I'm on Postpaid. How do I request for an increase in Postpaid Share-A-Load/Promo transaction limit? Is there a fee to request?

Request for increase is free of charge but subject to credit approval.

To request, you can call our Talk2Globe Hotline at (02)730-1000 from any Landline phone, dial 211 toll-free from your Globe Mobile, or visit the nearest Globe Store.