Raise your headphones if you're a certified audiophile! We're the type of humans who appreciates all genres of music. Am I right?


I dunno about you but Spotify has always been my go-to source for everything music. The moment I subscribed to Spotify Premium last December has proven to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. No kidding! I don't know how I'll survive a day without it to be honest. Music keeps me sane when I'm surrounded by insanity. You feel me?


With Spotify Premium, you get unlimited skips which lets you play any track you desire or use shuffle play if you like it random. Also, you can listen offline, enjoy high quality audio, and most importantly it's ad free! Panalo!


Aside from listening to Spotify practically 24/7, I also try to decode what each song means by reading the lyrics. Thankfully, I discovered this cool app called Musixmatch. It syncs to my Spotify account seamlessly including all my playlists. Now I can sing along to my fave songs anytime, anywhere.


Plus, you can even create your own LyricCard. It's basically just lyrics overlaid on a photo. You can customize your own LyricCard from the quote, fonts, images, and filters. Once done, you can share them to your friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... well you get the point. Did I mention you can save your LyricCard to your phone's camera roll? Pretty neat if you ask me!


In case you're wondering, you need to connect to Spotify Premium to listen to all the music you love with lyrics, directly from the Musixmatch app. Don't fret 'cause with Globe, you can get 30 days of Spotify Premium for only P129! To register, text SP129 to 8888.


Let's do a recap, shall we?



  • It syncs with all your Spotify playlists in one convenient app.
  • Song lyrics are readily available anytime of day or night.
  • It comes with a cool feature called LyricCard which makes it easier to share your favorite quotes.



  • It's a separate app from Spotify itself.
  • Lyrics are limited only to users with a Spotify Premium subscription.



I recommend this app for all music lovers out there who not only enjoys dancing to the beat but also sings along to the melody. With just P129 a month for Spotify Premium, you'll get the benefit of syncing all your Spotify Playlists with lyrics on Musixmatch.


Musixmatch is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Store. Let me know what you guys think of the app in the comments section below.


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