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Make Him or Her the happiest this Valentine's Day with our Top 7 gadget picks. Find online exclusive headsets, powerbanks, cases, and more!


Remember last year when you jumped from one mall to the other, just to find the “perfect” Valentine’s gift? Well you can stick with classic chocolates, bouquet, and paper bag gift, but if you want this year to be extra special, give your Valentine something unique, useful, and easy for you to find. Start shopping for trendy digital bundles, all for under P1,500!


For Him

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1. Gblue Q85 Bluetooth Headset & Yoobao USB Charger Adapter Bundle


If your man is always on the road, the best Bluetooth headset would make a great gift. Let him safely answer your calls while he drives with Q85 wireless headset. Add the handy Yoobao Universal Battery Charger so he charge his multiple gadgets and stay connected with you. Give him authentic Yoobao products for his next adventure. Get this online for only P1,200 (from P1,649)!

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2. AEC BQ-621 Headset Necklace & Yoobao 407 Lightning and Micro USB Cable Bundle

Is he the type of guy who works while on-the-go? A headset necklace might just be the thing that’ll give him that extra energy he needs. With BQ-621 noise cancelling headphones, let him listen to his favorite playlists hands-free. Bundled with a Yoobao charging cable, now he can charge both his Android and Apple devices. Keep your man pumped up and connected with the best Bluetooth earbuds and charging cable. Get this online for only P1,200 (from P1,949)!

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3. Kuboq 3 in 1 Value Pack Case or Light Case for iPhone 5

The best iPhone cases today are more than just smartphone cases. Now they can charge your mobile devices. A new from Kuboq cellphone cases, treat your beau with the durable Kuboq iPhone case. A cover, screen protector, and charger in one device, let him leave his bulky powerbank at home and remove some of that heavy weight from his pack. Featuring a sleek black leather case, make him feel confident and empowered. Get this at Globe Gen 3 stores for only P395 (from P1,495)!

For Her

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1. Gblue K27 Headset with 8GB Memory and OTG & Onda 10,000mAh Powerbank Bundle


Keep her company even when she’s on the road. With a wireless Bluetooth headset with memory, now she can listen to her favourite music and safely answer your calls with just one press of a button. Bundled with an elegant gold-colored Onda—one of the best power bank for mobile devices today—give her back up battery that fits her fashion style. Get the latest Bluetooth headset with Onda power banks online. Get this online for only P1,500 (from P2,449)!

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2. Yoobao M16 16,000mAh Powerbank and Vorson Xtra Bass Stereo Earphones Bundle


Does she always get stranded at the terminal and come home angry and tired? Take her mind off the hustle and bustle with Yoobao 16,000mAh powerbank and Vorson Xtra Bass Stereo earphones! While waiting, now she can watch movies and TV series in powerful bass sounds. Adding good quality earphones with her original Yoobao powerbank will definitely keep her entertained. Get this online for only P1,500 (from P2,049)!

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3. Bluetooth Shutter With Anti-lost Device Function and Yoobao YBL103 2 Channel Stereo Bluetooth Headset With Noise Cancelling Headset Bundle

Take her away from that “where’s my stuff?!” feeling and be the sweet heart-stopper by giving her a wireless remote shutter and genuine Yoobao Bluetooth devices. With this bundle, now she can wirelessly shoot photos with her camera, be alerted whenever her valuables get outside the 25-meter range, and take calls safely while driving. Available in black or white, buy Yoobao stereo headset with the best Bluetooth shutter device today. Get this online for only P1,500 (from P2,949)!

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4. Kuboq Ultrafit Case or K/Flip Case for iPhone 5

More than protection, add more glamour to her stylish gadget with Kuboq Cases for iPhone 5. Kuboq mobile cases and covers are designed to withstand everyday bumps and scratches, something that her precious smartphone needs. Whether it’s ultrafit or flip, these original Kuboq cases would complement your fashionable girl. Available in black or gray, buy mobile phone cases for her today. Get this at Globe Gen 3 stores for only P250 (from P995)!


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