We sure do have a number of talented Pinoy artists right in our turf. From Pinoy ballads or rock tunes to rap music, Spotify has got you covered.


Need a dose of good old Pinoy music or upbeat tunes to perk you up? Turn up the volume and hit “play” on these Spotify tunes!


Bailey by Bailey May

Tune in: Feel the rush of falling in love with Bailey’s heartfelt songs in noncheesy beats. A bonus: minus-one tracks to let you belt them out.


Spot on: An updated version of “Build Me Up, Buttercup”—a wildly popular 80s song.


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“Firepower” by Bamboo


Tune in: Set “Firepower” on loop while you’re on a road trip and remember why you can’t get enough of this rock star’s funky music.


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“Samalamig” by Shehyee


Tune in: Get into the beat of Shehyee’s kitschy number, which captures the slice of life of a working-class Pinoy.


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The Great Unknown by Sarah G.


Tune in: Find an emo song to relate to or an upbeat song to pick you up in Sarah G’s twelfth album.


Spot on: “Sabi Mo Sa Akin” demonstrates the vocal prowess of Sarah G without being overwhelming.


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If you're looking for international tunes, check out Go! Online for some cool new collabs of your fave artists.


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Words by: Sunshine Funa Edited by: Community