LA has come a long way from sharing screen time on reality TV with other celebrity hopefuls. He has appeared in various media, has a successful modeling career, and hoards of IG followers. Is there anything else we haven't read about him online? Here, LA shares away!


1. He loves traveling and old-world cultures attract him the most.

"The world is a beautiful place. I find myself interested in architecture and history. Perhaps Spain and Italy are top favorites."


2. He loves it when his fans tag him on their IG posts and it makes him appreciate the Philippines more.

"My followers know I love traveling so they tag me on their travel posts! I've been tagged in some of the nicest places in the country and I feel I have to explore more of our motherland! Our country is just so beautiful!"

3. He not only loves having followers but an avid IG user that he follows more than a few as well.


"I follow a bunch of personalities. I like following photography and lifestyle accounts: @creationsofla @teamcozy @takubeats @jayalvarrez @alexisren."


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Photos courtesy of LA Aguinaldo. Words by: Mari-an Santos. Edited by: Community