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That's how it starts. The fever... the rage... the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men... cruel. - Alfred Pennyworth


The greatest gladiator match in history is about to commence. Day vs Night. God vs Man. The Man of Steel vs The Dark Knight! It’s a movie that has been talked about for years since talks of a Justice League cross-over spread throughout the internet. Now, the wait is over.


Man of Steel Director, Zack Snyder, leads Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck to the battlefield as Superman and Batman, respectively. Two of the, if not, best comic book culture icons that made the DC universe colorful works of art. Hardcore fans and critics alike have been raving about the idea of this film for sometime now since it’s production announcement.

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“Chill bro, I come in peace.” Hmmm..sorry Supes the B-man’s not taking any chances.


It’s a movie that’s carrying the comic book world on it’s shoulders (at least for DC’s Cinematic Universe). Will it live up to the expectations? Let’s find out.


The Tale of the Tape

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Hero-worship taken to another level. A god amongst men - Superman.


Roughly a year after Superman’s battle with the tyrannical General Zod, the people of Earth are divided as others see him as a saving god while the others, especially one vocal senator, still see him as a threat to the world’s safety. Holding hostility towards the Man of Steel is a world-weary Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). After seeing the wholesale destruction and danger that Superman (Henry Cavill) can cause, Bruce with the assistance of his loyal friend and butler Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons), aim to take down the powerful alien through his Gotham vigilante persona - the Batman.

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The ever loyal Alfred played by Jeremy Irons. Iron’s gives the butler the same worn out charisma as Batfleck.


Amidst the clash of the two heroes, a cunning and manipulative Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) is planning his own scheme of vendetta against the Man of Steel - one that will put the fate of the world in even greater danger.


A Visual and Musical Treat

Director Zack Snyder mixes his motley style of visuals and grim character presentation really well in this movie. Although we do have mixed feelings with a few parts, such as Doomsday’s fight scenes, looking at characters such as Batman and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in this movie was very refreshing. We’ve all seen what Director Snyder can do with the Superman character, and still, the sight of him was as appealing as he was in the Man of Steel. All in all, if you’re a graphic novel die-hard fan of the DC universe this film is something special. For the musical aspect of the film, the soundtrack was really addicting, especially Wonder Woman’s entrance in the movie. Kudos to Musical composers Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL on this one, they really gave the movie the dark effect it was aiming for. You can listen to the movie soundtrack on Spotify.

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A Mouthful Storytelling and Great Casting


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a mind-blowing spectacle. This can be both good and bad. While it does aim to make way for DC’s Justice League, which is every fanboy’s dream *giggle*, it’s a LOT to take in as the movie progresses. There were a few scenes that caught us off-guard for a moment, some that we thought could’ve been scrapped, and a lot that just left us wondering “WHAT THE HELL?!”. It’s like trying out every meal at a buffet, whether you love it or hate it, because you want to taste every dish - but you left with a full tummy all the same.

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The epic rivalry of DC. Are you ready for it?


As for the cast, we thought it was close to perfect. Henry Cavill gives Superman an emotional tug, that we think even Batman fans will feel sorry for big blue. As for Batman, Ben Affleck absolutely nails it! He might be the best actor to put in the Batman cowl in movie history to date. You’ll see a Bruce Wayne that’s on the edge of turning into the demons that he once faced - he is downright brutal too. He’s been fighting crime for 20 years and he’s gotten cynical about the world. The same goes with his butler Alfred. We really loved Jeremy Iron’s British sarcasm that’s akin to the animated and comic book character’s personality.

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Here, we see a young Lex Luthor playing gui…..oops, sorry wrong picture.


With Gal Gadot, she presented more of mysterious, sultry effect that didn’t really satisfy, but did have us craving for more on how she’ll handle the character in the future. Now, the showstopper that really caught us off-guard was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. At first glance, his Kurt Cobain haircut and mythological ideals got our heads turning left and right, but his psychologically damaged and deity-obsessing persona got as hooked in the end. Although he can overdo it at times, his Lex Luthor is by far the most evil and *ehem* psychotic in our book!

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...ok, that’s more like it. Here we see a young Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg.


The Verdict


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a movie filled with blistering action, a twist-and-turn story, great performances, and shocking surprises. Despite a few shortcomings, it really turned out to be an epic introduction for the Justice League of DC! We can’t wait for the next installment. With that, we give Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 8.5 out of 10 stars!


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