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The Captain America: Civil War hype train is rolling on the tracks and we just can’t help but take a ride. With that, we know that superheroes vs supervillains is a classic match-up that we’ve seen countless times, but superhero vs superhero? Well, you don’t see that everyday. As Captain America and Iron Man’s clash in Civil War creeps closer, we decided to present to you superhero rivalries, besides Captain America and Iron Man, that will rock your fanboy worlds.


So here it is, GMovies presents - Friend or Foe: 10 Epic Superhero Rivalries that Shook the World!


10. Todd and Dave (Kick-Ass)

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It’s Kick-Ass vs the Ass-Kicker, or was it Dr. Kick-Ass? Captain Kick-Ass? Well, whatever. After being laughed at by his two superhero buddies for stealing the Kick-Ass name, Dave (Kick-Ass) and Marty (Battle Guy), Todd decides to turn bad guy by joining the villainous group of Chris D’Amico aka The Mother------ *sorry, but his name’s just to villainy to mention*.


You might be thinking we’re looney for including these two on our list, but this was just too good to pass up. Come on, it’s Kick-Ass we’re talking about here! And besides, best friend’s-turned-enemies is one our favorite plots in a rivalry!


9. Spiderman and The Human Torch

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It’s the nerdy, spectacle-wearing genius vs the athletic girl-wooing jock. Spiderman vs the Human Torch is like reliving high school all over again, it’s probably because they’re both teenagers when they faced off, and they’re both loudmouths. But no matter how ‘heated’ (get it?) the fight, these two always brought a LOT of comedic banter. Makes perfect sense, considering they both have huge egos and teenage angst as their charisma. We could imagine Spiderman saying - whatsa’ matter Johnny? Is it gettin’ too hot for ya’?!


8. Cyclops and Wolverine

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A superpowered love triangle is what brought this feud into fold. The beauty of the Psychic Jean-Grey was just too much for both Logan and Scott Summers. Well, who could blame them? But from the start, we already knew that the ferocious rebel character of Wolverine and the by-the-book approach of Cyclops would clash in the end. We guess love just added fuel to the fire,making this one of the hottest rivalries in Marvel history. Sorry Spidey and Torch, this is a real man’s battle!


7. The Thing and The Hulk

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The Thing + The Hulk = The greatest wrestling match in history! This rivalry began when the Hulk starred in Fantastic 4’s issue #12, and by the looks of things, it wasn’t a friendly meeting. While this will never be a fair fight, since we all know that the Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets, it’s interesting to see that The Thing always finds a way to get even with his green opponent. Although he’s mostly on the losing end, he never gives up, and there were a few times where he beat the rampaging Hulk by using his wit.


6. Daredevil and The Punisher

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This rivalry is as dark as it gets due to The Punisher’s knack for killing all criminals which puts him at odds with most of Marvel’s heroes. But there’s no one better to have a face off with him than Daredevil. For one, Daredevil is of the same power class as the Punisher, and he’s also battled his demons (yep, even the devil has his demons), which is crossing that fine line of killing the bad guys. Now, if you want to see this showdown at its finest, why not check out season 2 of Daredevil to see an actual fight happening. We really hope they make a movie out of this though.


5. Shazam/Captain Marvel and Superman

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Now this one could literally shake the world if it were to happen. While Shazam or, as he was called during his early comic years, Captain Marvel is originally a kid named Billy, he was granted his incredible powers by his wizard namesake, Shazam. As for Superman, we all know he gets his powers from the Earth’s Sun (or from any star if he’s in another planet), which some might think is a disadvantage for Shazam. But these two look to be evenly matched *well, almost* as Shazam’s powers are borrowed from godly beings such as Zeus and Atlas. The Man of Steel might be in trouble here.


Did you know: Although we did say they’re almost evenly matched, but did you know that Captain Marvel/Shazam and Superman had an arm-wrestling match once? If you’re not a Superman fan, then you’ll surely be disappointed because although it was a good tussle, Superman won.


4. Superman and The Flash

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Seems like Big Blue has a competitive nature in him or maybe it’s because not many heroes like him that much. Superman also has speed as one of his abilities, but there can only be one super speedster in the Justice League, and that’s The Flash. This supersonic showdown has been seen before in both comics and in animated series. It was almost an even match, but the small margin of victory has to go to the man with the lightning bolt - The Flash.


Well, if you want to see more of the Kryptonian vs Speedster match up, then check out Supergirl vs The Flash in the Supergirl Series, The World’s Finest.


3. Magneto and Professor X

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Now this is THE ultimate best friend rivalry. The disabled but powerful Professor X aka Charles Xavier vs the metal molding Magneto aka Max Eisenhardt (Erik Lehnsherr in the live action X-Men movies). These two would buttheads due to the unmerciful grudge and mutants-are-superior thinking of Magneto which is a big no-no for Charles, who seeks to teach mutants to use their powers wisely and live harmoniously with humans. But even though they have their differences, these two share a deep respect for each other, making this one of the most touching rivalries out there.


2. Batman and Robin (Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson)

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The Bat isn’t always the easiest person to be around with. He’s grumpy at times, bossy, and has trust issues. This maybe one of the reasons as to why he’s had a lot of trouble with his sidekicks - the Robins. He’s had trouble letting the boy become a man with Dick Grayson, even when he became Nightwing and he has trust issues with his own son, the youngest Robin, Damian Wayne. It almost turned into a family warfare because he was pushing away Damian.


Probably the most extreme fight was with Jason Todd, who turned into The Red Hood. Of course, Jason’s supposed death was what led Batman into being more protective and secretive even to his own allies.


1. Batman and Superman

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As what Luthor said: The greatest gladiator match in history! While some would argue with the movie’s performance, we can’t deny that this is one rivalry that we’d never get tired of. The brute strength of Superman vs the cunning and resourcefulness of Batman. It’s an epic battle between brain and brawn. That could be one of the best reasons why this match-up is one for the ages.


Another reason for their love and hate relationship would have to be the differing ideals on how to make the world a better place. It’s somewhat similar to the Captain America and Iron Man rivalry, albeit, the tone that DC took was far more darker. Well, it’s a fitting tone since both heroes do share a dark side that can serve lethal to anyone who gets in their way.


We hope you had a superb time while reading another one of our flick-filled lists. If you want to witness more superhero feuds, then book your tickets to Captain America: Civil War with GMovies!


Time to choose sides.