Heroes are about to clash and fans are about to make a dash for the cinema lines, as Captain America: Civil War invades Philippine shores this coming Wednesday, April. 27. The hype to Civil War is getting even bigger, and it won’t be an easy task to acquire movie tickets as fans will surely fill up every seat on its first showing.


Luckily for you, GMovies is making it easier for every moviegoer with its ticket pre-selling prowess.


Directed by brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo, Captain America: Civil War takes us to the battlefield as the conflicting sides of Iron Man and Captain America wage all-out war on one another. The destruction caused by the actions of the Avengers, sways the U.S government to put a system of liability against the heroes. It’s an idea that divided the Avengers, with one side led by Iron Man, agreeing to this required control, and the other led by Captain America, believe that government interference is unnecessary to act for the greater good.


With Captain America trying to save his friend, the fugitive Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier, the tension between Team Cap and Team Iron Man burn even hotter - resulting in an imminent clash.


How to book with Captain America: Civil War with GMovies:


Step one: Download the GMovies app from the App store or Play store.



Step Two: Open the app and tap on the Captain America: Civil War poster in the Now Showing tab.

Step Three: Tap on the yellow buy button on the bottom of the screen. Select your preferred Live Cinema and movie schedule.

Step Four: At the Select Seats page, tap on your desired seats to book it. Pinch to zoom in and out, while drag the screen to pan around. Tap Buy once you’re done selecting your seats.

Step Five: Select your payment option and fill out necessary information.


To use your e-ticket, just simply present it to the cinema porter and you’re in! Your e-ticket will be saved in the app and your smartphone’s gallery just in case you want to go offline.


See? It’s pretty easy! Don’t miss out on the biggest blockbuster this year! Book now!


Captain America is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Support your superhero team this April 27 and book your tickets now with GMovies!