1. Topography

With 7,107 islands, rolling-out new technologies nationwide requires aerial, terrestrial and submarine cable connection.


2. Lack of Government Support

In most countries, government enables infrastructure builds. In the PH, internet investments are private-sector led.


3. High Cost of Ownership

The cost of ownership in PH is high because on top of spectrum fee, it takes at least 25 permits to put up 1 cell site. There are no standardized tower fees across LGUs. Right of way and site acquisition are also very challenging.


4. Affordability

More than 80% of customers buy the lowest tier broadband offer (1-3Mbps). This determines the national average speed if studies are based on crowd sourced data.


5. No IP Peering

Without IP peering, this affects latency of download / upload of data. Locally hosted content has to look-up to servers abroad before you download / upload your webpage.