Avoid the possibilities of being hacked with these security measures.

Protech101 - Choose Your Passwords Well.jpg

Choose a password that no one will easily guess or hack

Don't use a word or phrase of special importance to you. Use combinations of letters, capitalizations, numbers and symbols to make it more complex.


Choose a separate, secure password for each type of account

ISP, email clients and social media (etc.) should each have different passwords. Don't use the same password for your banking and email that you use for your ISP login.


Do not share passwords

This is an open invitation to your online accounts which often leads to exploitation to accomplish online identity theft.


Create a complex sequence of words and/or letters

You can use a phrase or series of letters that is seemingly random but nevertheless easy to remember. The easily memorized series of letters can form a "base word" to which you should add symbols or numbers.


Make sure your password is long

It should be at least 8 to 10 characters long, and longer passwords are even more secure.