How Can 700MHz Improve Mobile Internet.PNG

With the phenomenal growth in mobile data consumption over the past 5 years, the demand for better mobile internet experience continues to rise faster than ever before. Being a low band frequency, the 700MHz spectrum is key in offering faster, more reliable and more affordable mobile internet services running on 4G LTE technology.


Here are the key benefits:


Better indoor coverage

- Improved indoor signal penetration for more stable data connectivity.


Wide reach

- Longer range serves more customers without having to wait for more cell sites.


Increased capacity

- More bandwidth allocation per customer, specifically for heavy data users. LTE technology offers better mobile browsing.


More affordable rates

- With better technology, savings goes to customers rather than more expensive infrastructure build.


Even with the 700MHz spectrum, telcos still need to build more cell sites to improve the mobile internet and home broadband experience given the growing number of internet users in the Philippines.