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WWDC is here once again! Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference introducing the new generation of watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and iOS. Services like Siri and iMessage is now open to developers. Apple Pay will now work on Safari. Oh, did we mention Siri is now on desktop?


Aside from that, there were a number of redesigns like new notifications and lock screen interactions for iOS, new watch faces for the Apple Watch, and changes to Music, Maps, and other services.


Here are the highlights from WWDC 2016:


OS X macOS


A new year means a new name. But instead of OS X, it will now be called macOS. From tweaks focused on user experience on El Capitan, this year focuses on continuity across devices with macOS Sierra. You can copy and paste across multiple Apple devices using a feature called Universal Clipboard. You can also access your Mac desktop from a different computer using iCloud drive. But the coolest addition would probably be the ability to unlock your Mac using your Apple Watch and be able to use voice commands to find files, search the web, and other functions using Siri.




The most awaited update on watchOS 3 perhaps is that it loads apps seven times faster than its current OS. Gone are the days when Apple Watch owners have to wait for an app to refresh. The side button can now be used to access your dock which allows you to scroll through frequently used apps. The new OS also comes with Control Center similar to your iPhone or iPad. Just swipe up to quickly switch on airplane mode or Do Not Disturb.


A cool new feature added to watchOS 3 is Scribble. This allows you to respond to a message by drawing out each individual letter instead of typing or dictating a response. Currently, it works in either English or Chinese. Other additions to watchOS 3 are new activity-specific watch faces, a new SOS feature for emergencies, a meditation app called Breathe, and activity sharing to view friends' fitness levels, perfect for those of you who are competitive.


iOS 10


A new feature called Raise and Wake on iOS 10 is somewhat similar on the Apple Watch when you raise your wrist to view the time. Simply lift your phone to wake the lock screen, revealing your notifications that you can interact with using 3D Touch.

News - has an all-new design that pulls together new sections based on your reading habits. You can also read full newspaper and magazine subscriptions from the app with over 2,000 publications to choose from.

Apple Music - introduces a discovery mix that tailors a playlist to your taste of music. Plus, song lyrics are now available.

Maps - will let you book rides directly from the app, pay via Apple Pay, and make restaurant reservations as well.

iMessage - will include a number of fun additions like bigger emojis, turning certain keywords into emoji, write notes in your own handwriting, and animated effects like confetti and invisible ink which lets you hide your message until you swipe through them.

Siri - is now open to developers. Soon, you can ask Siri to book you an Uber, send a message through Viber, play specific artists on Spotify, and other potential applications using voice commands.


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What did you like most about Apple's WWDC 2016 Keynote address? What did you think of the new features on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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