Start of a Journey with Globe!


Last August 19, Globe welcomed its first batch of User Council members, a subset of Globe Community at the Radiate Hall of The Globe Tower.


The kickoff was themed “Journey to Wonderful” as the members – actual Globe customers – are set to embark on a design-oriented journey to create wonderful experiences around products and services of Globe.


In keeping with the theme, the Radiate Hall was transformed into a posh VIP airport lounge, complemented with a boarding gate, a check-in counter and a section for Immigration and Customs set up just outside the makeshift VIP lounge.





Checking In At Wonderful


Attendees, User Council members and Globe employees alike were asked to check in to get their “boarding pass,” and then get clearance from the “Immigration Officers” by participating in a design activity. Showcased were three types of design activities: usability testing, card sorting and participative design, which were intended to put the “passengers” up to speed on the types of activities that will be done in the future with the User Council.


Miggy Dela Cruz, Head of Customer Experience Design, did the honor of opening the program with a talk about “treating people right to create a Globe of good.” The team’s mantra revolved around allowing Globe to interact seamlessly with its customers, both internal and external, and operate as one organization.






Love Letters from Our Customers


The main highlight of the program was a special segment that featured love letters written by the members themselves days before the event. Imagining Globe as their significant other, the members were asked to write a letter narrating their relationship with Globe, from the time they “met” (brand discovery) up until their current “relationship status.”


In turn, we received 28 letters that captivated the hearts of several Ka-Globe who had the privilege of pre-reading them, including the Chief Customer Experience Officer herself, Ms. Beck Eclipse. So enthralled was the OSMCE Head by all the letters that she requested for all of them to be responded to with equal intensity!


During the event, Ms. Beck chose to read a couple of letters from the members on stage. One came from Neil Goco, Jr., a bright young student, telco geek and active postpaid subscriber.


Neil's Letter.png

The other one came from Gat Bati whose letter Ms. Beck personally responded to.


Gat's Letter.png




The Prize of Loving Globe


Being the lucky letter senders, Neil and Gat received Php1,000 worth of Globe Rewards points each. Meanwhile, all letter senders received Tattoo pocket WiFi sticks plus their choice of free digital content subscription among HOOQ, NBA, Spotify and Disney.


Surprises kept coming as Globe got to know the guests better. One member, Chito Reyes, was identified as a tenured customer. Being the most loyal subscriber in the group (22 years!), Globe delighted him by upgrading his account to a Platinum membership. He was personally welcomed by Faye Matus of Globe Platinum and immediately assigned with a Relationship Manager.


Another member, Carlo Saplan, happened to mention The Chainsmokers in his letter and, for that alone, received a VIP ticket to The Chainsmokers concert happening that same night!






Love Is All Around


All in all, the kickoff was a successful event. That, plus the post-event feedback received from the members, do seal a delightful partnership between Globe and the customers in the realm of experience design.


“The feeling of being able to contribute to innovation in one of the country’s leading companies is different. It’s an honor.”


“I’m really thrilled to be part of the User council. Getting to test and to try new products/services that Globe is working on during their early phases is a privilege.”


“Thank you for the wonderful time and evening. It was time well spent and worth the experience.”


“Thank you Globe User Council and to CXD, looking forward to all your activities.”


“Go Design Research! Expect the proactivity from us!”


About the Globe User Council


The Globe User Council is a program under Globe Community. Its main objective is to move Globe’s experience design team closer to the customers and create an ecosystem where designers and customers can build user experiences and interfaces together.


User Council members are all true and current Globe customers – a blend of loyal and new postpaid, prepaid and broadband subscribers who have been explicitly invited to participate in design sessions or test actual design prototypes with Globe’s resident UX and UI designers.


Photos taken by: Paulo D., Dan C., Wayne T., and Grae J.