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Hello, ka-Globe!


Receiving your Globe Postpaid bills just got easier!


With Bill via Text, you can now access your latest statement on your phone anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about late bills since this will be sent to you within 7 days from your bill cut-off date.


Plus, you can get a PhP200 bill credit on your next statement if you’re one of first 500 customers to view their bill through text. Simply access your next bill using the link provided in GLOBEMYBILL’s message from August to September 2016 to qualify for this offer.


Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. I received an advisory that I can receive PhP200 in bill credits / discount on my next bill. What is this for?

This is a program that will give a bill credit to the first 500 customers who will click on the link from GLOBEMYBILL and view via text.


2. What is bill via text?

Postpaid customers can now access their latest bill using the link provided in the Bill via Text message. The message are sent by GLOBEMYBILL.


3. Who are included in this promo?

All accounts that receive the bill via text message from GLOBEMYBILL are included in the promo. This means consumer and individual SG and EG accounts.


4. How do I win?

• First, you must receive a bill via text message from GLOBEMYBILL

• Next, you must access your bill using the link provided in the message

• Finally, you must be one for the first 500 who will successfully access your bill.


5. What is the prize?

The winners will get a PhP200 bill credit on their next bill.


6. How long will this promo run?

The program will run from August to September 2016.


7. How will I know if I’ve won a PhP200 bill credit?

You’ll receive a text message from GLOBE informing you that the credit will be posted in your next bill. No further action will be required from your end.


8. How can I claim of the bill credit?

The amount of PhP200.00 will credited to your Globe Postpaid account and it to be reflected in you next month’s billing statement.


9. Can I apply this credit to my other account?

No. The bill credit can only be applied to the account that won.


10. How do I know from my billing statement that my account is already credited?

The adjustment will be reflected as “Bill Credit” and to be shown under “Credit Adjustment– Previous Bill” portion of the bill.