Last Saturday, we celebrated 917 day. Can you believe it's been a week already? Feels like it was only yesterday when we had a fun-filled day with our Globe Community Superfans and User Council members.


If you missed out on all the fun, don't you worry because here are some of our Community members who got to attend our 917 day celebration will tell you how it all went down.




"My companion instantly became a ka-globe. This is a #wonderfulsurprise since we can now hangout even outside the online Community. Best of all, we can finally put a face behind all those usernames. We truly enjoyed the wonderful activities Globe had in store for us!" -Larry (User Council member)




"We were able to watch a free concert of our favorite band Hale live. Also, we were able to buy poke coins which will be reimbursed through bill rebate by Globe! This is truly a #wonderfulsurprise!


Next year, I will be there earlier during the opening so that I can get first dibs on the gadgets and gizmos at a discounted price. Thank you Globe!" -Nick (User Council member)




"In the morning of September 17 (09/17), I was pleasantly surprised to have received an SMS informing me that I earned 917 reward points...and that was just the start!


Dropping by the Globe Iconic Store in the afternoon, participation in the numerous fun-filled and cause-worthy activities had me bringing home numerous useful items all for free.


A wonderful day, a wonderful experience... Thank you Globe!" -Chito (Community Superfan and UC member)


917Day_Superfan and UC Members_ELC_Joe.PNG

Some of our energetic bunch of Globe Community members even got to meet and shake hands with Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu and Globe Stores and Retail Transformation Head, Joe Caliro.


917Day_Superfan and UC Members.PNG

Community Superfans and UC Members with Arbin and Louie from Customer Experience Design and Paola from Corporate Communications


We would like to thank our Community members for documenting their 917 day celebration experience and for sharing their stories with us here. Hope to see more of you on the next one. You guys are awesome!