Smartphones have been around for some time now, though it’s only recently that manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have started making their products more durable and water-resistant.


Some slap cases onto their devices, others purchase extended warranty. But did you know there are other means to take care of your hard-earned investment and make sure your latest Galaxy or iPhone last a really long time? Here are some tips from a long-time smartphone user:


  1. Never use fake or third-party chargers
    You can easily misplace the charger that came with your smartphone out-of-the-box, or have the wiring cables fray at the ends which some brands are known to do. Always make sure you get a replacement from the same manufacturer. If possible, buy it from an authorized reseller outlet.

    You can’t be too sure a third-party charger won’t catch fire while you’re charging overnight.

  2. Disable wifi/mobile data/Bluetooth/GPS when not in use
    These connectivity features are what make your smartphone “smart”. But did you know leaving them enabled all the time can easily drain your battery life? They utilize radio frequencies that drain additional power. Turn them on when necessary, and disable when you don’t need to use them. Believe me, this habit saves you a lot of battery power that will come in handy especially when you’re on the go.

  3. Careful in customizing your phones
    Yes! We Filipinos love customizing our beloved smartphones! Even to the point of installing unofficial versions of apps or mobile operating systems. While this can be very exciting for the average smartphone user, just remember there’s a chance of completely bricking your smartphone in the process.

    Want to know the worst part? This isn’t covered by your device warranty. Installing unofficial apps is a highly discouraged practice by nearly every smartphone manufacturer. So if you aren’t completely certain of what you’re doing, I suggest installing only officially-supported applications.


These days having a smartphone is essential to keeping in touch with the world around you. Take good care of yours to extend its lifespan and avoid unnecessary expenses!


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