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Updated: Dec. 13, 2016.


Congratulations to leviscarza and instathine24! You are the winners of our #WondersEveryday Instagram Challenge!


We will send you a private message within the week on how to claim your awesome prizes.


Thanks everyone!




Hey everyone!


We're back with another contest that I'm sure our resident photography enthusiasts on Instagram will be very excited about! We're calling it the #WondersEveryday Instagram Challenge, and here are the mechanics:


  • Post your favorite phone-captured photo for 7 days and tag 1-7 friends per post to do the same. 1 night shot/low light shot everyday for 7 days, capturing #WondersEveryday. Always put the hashtags #WondersEveryday and #GlobeiPhone7.
  • Be creative with your own caption, but don’t forget to include this at the end:

I nominate _____<tag friends>____. The nominee/s shall post a night/low light shot of a wonderful moment captured on your phone everyday for 7 days and nominate 1-7 friends each day to do the same to spread the good vibes!


  • Post the link to your entry in the comments section below. Make sure to set your Instagram profile to public so we can see.
  • We'll pick 5 winners of a #WondersEveryday loot bag with premium items, GCs, and an Apple shirt!


Promo period is until Dec. 12, 2016. Winners will be announced here on Dec. 13, 2016.


It's such a wonderful time to be creative, right? Especially this time of year. This is your chance to showcase your photography skills through the #WondersEveryday Instagram Challenge!