Globe Community Rules for Online Etiquette

Version 1

    Here at Globe Community, we want to maintain a positive and fun environment so all members can enjoy their stay. In line with this, kindly refer to the netiquette for every Globe Community member that we’ve come up with. These will serve as your guide on how to properly behave here in the Community.


    1. Use appropriate language


    The way you behave in the Community can affect their impression of who you are and what you are.


    With this having said, disregard the use of harsh language as it may offend or insult other members. Use proper words, and avoid posting impolite comments and typing sentences in ALL CAPS as it appears like you’re screaming online.


    2. Avoid sarcasm


    To continue having a fun online experience without offending other Globe Community members, avoid mocking others and/or posting sarcastic comments. Some members don’t know you personally, thus, there is a tendency they might misinterpret your post, your comment, or your blog.


    3. Don’t gossip


    Globe Community is a place where you can give help and get help. And to be able to keep this practice going, we must learn how to respect one another. Keep personal information personal and don’t share incorrect stories about your fellow members and Community moderators.


    4. Respect privacy


    Related to our third point, respect others’ privacy. Do not copy and paste what other members said in other Community threads without their permission.


    5. Don’t plagiarize


    Just think about the people spending a long time writing their own content. If you want to copy something from someone and post it here on Community, make sure you ask permission first from that person. He must know you’ve used his content. You can also give him credits by stating his name, his website, or his book where you have gotten the content.


    6. Don’t steal photographs


    Similar to our fifth rule, copying photos and pasting them in your threads or Community blogs like they’re yours is not a good practice. Even if these photos are exactly what you need, you have to get permission from the owner. And like I said above, give credits.


    7. No spamming


    Posting of unsolicited and undesired messages, also known as spamming, is strictly prohibited here in the Community.


    As much as possible, never post nonsense discussions and useless replies especially if those won’t provide any help to other Community members. Also avoid participating on postings of chain letters, sharing rumors and other illegitimate news, and posting obscene and vulgar photos, threads, or blogs that intend to offend others.


    8. When quoting, use the whole quote


    This is for those members who put quotes in their Community threads or replies. In line with our rule about plagiarism, remember to always use the whole quote when quoting. Never choose which part of the quote you want to post. And don’t forget the basic rule: give credits to the owner.


    9. Always introduce yourself


    Globe Community is also a place where you can gain new friends and build connections. Thus, let’s all be friendly. It’s best to begin your discussions or comments with a proper salutation such as a simple “hello” or “hi”. State your name, and at the end of your every post, it’s recommended to add a pleasant signature. As much as possible, avoid putting unnecessary hashtags.


    10. Be patient with newbies


    New Community members may ask questions or instructions from time to time. If you’re one of the first and top members here, take time to guide them on how this place works. Assist them and be patient because remember, they are still learning just like you did before.


    Follow these Globe Community netiquette and you will surely enjoy your stop here. Don’t forget, manners are very important whether we are dealing with people face to face or here in the Community.