How to Become a Globe Community SuperFan

Version 2


    SuperFans are the most active users of Globe Community. These users are the members with the most helpful posts and top accepted answers in the forums. Being an active Globe Community member has its perks.


    So if you want to be part of the SuperFans group, take note of your ACTIVITY, ATTENDANCE, and GOOD BEHAVIOR goals.




    This refers to your online and offline activities in Globe Community.


    Online activity is measured based on your forum moderation activity points which you can earn every time you respond to and/or answer a fellow members’ question. The more you engage with the threads, the more points you earn.


    You are eligible to become a SuperFan as long as you’re part of the leaderboard at least one (1) quarter and have earned a minimum of 1,500 Community points in one (1) year to maintain your SuperFan status.


    Offline activity, on the other hand, refers to your attendance to Globe (e.g. iPhone Launch) and/or Globe Community events (e.g. Design Workshop). Your participation in these offline activities contributes to your Attendance Goal.




    The great thing about being a SuperFan is the opportunity to meet your fellow members, bringing your online relationships offline. This will also help you maintain your SuperFan status.


    As a SuperFan, you are expected to attend two (2) Globe Community events (for NCR residents) in one year, and earn at least 1,500 leaderboard points in the same year.


    However, if you are able to attend three (3) or more events, you will only need to earn 1,000 points in the leaderboard in the same year.




    SuperFans are the model members of Community. As such, you are expected to abide to the Community Guidelines at all times. In an event when a SuperFan commits any of the different classifications of possible offenses in the forum, he/she will receive the following penalties:

    • A SuperFan with a Class D or C offense is given 2 warnings from Globe Community moderators before losing his/her SuperFan status (possible to contest within 3 days of receiving moderator's message).
    • A SuperFan with a Class B offense is automatically stripped of his/her status (possible to contest within 3 days of receiving moderator's message).
    • A SuperFan with a Class A offense is automatically stripped of his/her status and his/her Community account is suspended.
    • Former SuperFans may gain back their rank during quarterly invitation no less than 6 months from losing their status.




    More than just getting the latest news updates on Globe’s promos and events, the SuperFans get exclusive perks as a reward for their continuous participation and contribution to the growth of Globe Community. Perks include but not limited to the following:

    • Access to SuperFans group.
    • Ability to report your personal account-related concerns directly to Globe Community moderators through their mobile numbers.
    • Exclusive invitations to Globe-sponsored events.