GServices - FAQs

Version 4

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    1. I have GServices installed and entered my postpaid number to register. But when I enter the pin to view my Profile Details, I can't seem to click "Done".
      Kindly try uninstalling GServices. Then try the registration process again after you've reinstalled the app.

    2. I updated my combos online, but I don't see it reflect on GServices even when I received a confirmation message via SMS of the change in combos. What happened?
      Your change in combos will take effect a day after your cut-off date. This means you'll only be able to see the changes reflect on GServices by your next cut-off date.

    3. I can't register to promos using GServices. What should I do?
      Please make sure that you are under Consumer Postpaid or Prepaid account. Also make sure you have a stable internet connection when trying to register to promos.

    4. Why didn't I receive a verification code for GServices?
      Sometimes there is a slight delay in the receipt of SMS verification codes. If you receive a verification code and it doesn't work, just tap "Resend Code". Please note verification codes expire every 5 minutes.

    5. Is GServices free?
      Yes. GServices is a free-to-download app and is even zero-rated on the Globe network, meaning using the app won't consume your data.


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