Load Decrementation - FAQs

Version 1

    Have questions about why your load was deducted? We got you covered! Find our answers below each question.


    1. Why is my load being deducted?
      There’s a number of factors that could be causing your prepaid load deduction. For instance, you might be registered to one of our Value Added Services (VAS) like Infotext or ringback tones. Another reason could be default mobile browsing, explained in further detail below.

    2. What is VAS and why is it eating up my load?
      VAS are opt-in offers activated by sending a special keyword to a 4-digit access number. Some VAS offers have daily and monthly subscriptions such as ringback tones, picture messages or MMS, horoscopes, polling services as well as contests like Load Panalo Promo, etc.—where the cost of promo varies from P1.00 to P20.00.

      To check the VAS offers you’re subscribed to, dial *143# on your mobile phone for free!

    3. How do I unsubscribe from VAS?
      Just send the keyword STOP, OFF, or UNSUBSCRIBE to the 4-digit access number associated with the VAS you’re unsubscribing from. Both the keyword and 4-digit access number varies depending the VAS promo/offer.

    4. I'm not accessing my mobile internet. What do you mean by I'm being deducted due to default browsing?
      When you enable your mobile data setting, some apps are working constantly in the background to detect and deliver notifications even if the app itself is not open. For example, this is how Facebook notifies you about a friend’s comment on your status post while your phone is on your desk or in your pocket. This charges your prepaid load P5.00/15 minutes if you are not subscribed to any data promo.

    5. How do I make sure I won't be charged for default browsing?
      Just disable your mobile data setting whenever you aren’t subscribed to a data promo like GoSURF.


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