Free Facebook – FAQs

Version 6

    Have questions about Globe’s Free FB promo? We got you covered! Find our answers below each question.


    1. I registered to your promo to enjoy Free Facebook. How come I'm still not able to use Free FB?
      Your Free Facebook access will be activated within an hour after you register to your promo. Once your Free Facebook has been activated, you will see the “Facebook with Free Data” banner on the Facebook mobile site or app.

    2. Why was the Free FB removed from other TM promos? I like how C20 with Free FB gives value for money.
      We are continuously coming up with promos that will suite your needs and budget. For the meantime, you can enjoy our Free Facebook promo by registering to ALLIN20 promo for TM

    3. Why can't I see pictures with my Free Facebook?
      Facebook has a free feature that gives you free Facebook access but without pictures or videos. You'll know that this feature is activated when you see a FREE toggle on the upper right part of the app. If you register to a Globe promo, you'll get the full experience of Free Facebook with pictures and videos.

      If you registered to a Globe promo but still can't see pictures or videos, make sure you have the updated version or the latest version of the Facebook app that you are using to access all the features of Free Facebook. Also make sure that the Free Facebook banner is indicated at the top of the mobile site or app while using Free Facebook.

    4. Why is my data still being consumed even if I have a Free FB promo activated?
      The “Facebook with Free Data” banner on the mobile site or app should be visible to confirm that you have an active Free Facebook promo. Kindly check your data setting and verify if you have disabled the background apps and auto updates, as these may be the ones consuming up your data.

    5. Until when is Free Facebook promo available?
      The Free Facebook promo is valid until November 30, 2016.


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