Pokemon Go - FAQs

Version 4

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    1. Does Globe offer Pokemon Go for free?
      Prepaid and TM customers who download Globe Switch will get a special one-time promo offer Pokemon Go.

    2. Why is Pokemon Go only free on Globe Prepaid?
      The promo is accessible via Globe Switch which is currently only available to Prepaid and TM customers using Android devices.

    3. Is the free Pokemon Go offer unlimited?
      Pokemon Go via Globe Switch is not unlimited. It has 300MB access to Pokemon Go valid for 7 days. Take note that you may only avail this offer once.

    4. Are there free Pokemon promos that I can avail without using Globe Switch?
      You may subscribe to our GoSURF promos with free content including Pokemon Go. Allocation for the free content depends on the GoSURF variant that you subscribed to.

    5. How do I subscribe to free Pokemon Go?
      Simply follow these steps to enjoy free Pokemon Go:
      • Download Globe Switch from the Play Store.
      • Go to 'OFFERS' tab.
      • Select the Pokemon Go offer.


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