Fair Use Policy - FAQs

Version 2

    Have questions about the Fair Use Policy? We got you covered! Find our answers below each question.


    1. Why is the Fair Use Policy (FUP) being implemented?
      Everyone has equal rights to enjoy Globe’s network. However, there’s a small percentage of users (3%) who download large files through peer-to-peer applications or stream videos heavily every day. To address this, Globe implemented the Fair Use Policy to protect the rights to equal enjoyment of Globe’s network for the remaining 97%!

      Rest assured your account or internet service remains intact even if your connection is affected by the FUP. If your usage reaches 1 GB/day or 3 GB/month (Postpaid) or 800 MB/day (Prepaid), you’ll experience a decrease in internet speed to give way to others who also enjoy our shared resource.

    2. Does this mean you will cut or stop my internet service?
      No. Your account will not be terminated under the Fair Use Policy. In fact, you can still enjoy our services with all-day browsing. You’ll only notice a decrease in internet speed if you reach your threshold. You may even continue browsing your favorite websites since FUP is only noticeable during strenuous activities like streaming or downloading.

    3. Is this Fair Use Policy only with Globe? Or does it apply to other telcos, too?
      The Fair Use Policy is not exclusive to Globe. Other local companies, as well as telcos around the world, implement their own version of the FUP based on global industry practices. The terms and conditions under your contract also cover a provision on FUP for unlimited services.

    4. How do I know if I've reached my threshold?
      Once you've used up 1 GB or 3 GB data, you’ll receive a text message from Globe about your usage and possible reduction in internet speed. But don’t panic! Changes in browsing speed are also dependent on your signal strength. As long as you haven’t received that text message, you can easily enhance your browsing experience by doing these basic troubleshooting steps.

    5. I got a notification from Globe that I've reached 3 GB for the month. It's impossible since I only use my data service for browsing, Facebook, and Instagram. What should I do?
      First, remember that your data allocation is refreshed based on the calendar month, not your billing cycle.

      Also, using your phone as a hotspot is part of your total usage, even though it won’t be shown on your data tracker. Streaming apps like Spotify consume data even when offline, since the app has to download your entire playlist(s) to your device.

      We suggest tracking your usage per app to see which ones are consuming the most data.

    6. Could you teach me how to get an estimate of my internet usage?
      The good news is Android and iOS devices already have built-in data trackers!

      For iPhone, just go to "Settings" and select "Cellular Data". For Android, go to "Settings" and select "Data Usage".

      Visit our Plan Profiler to get an estimate of your daily or monthly internet usage.

    7. I'm a Postpaid customer. I don't understand what you mean by "1 GB a day or 3 GB per month (whichever comes first)".
      Your internet speed will slow down if you use up 1 GB of data for the day, or accumulate 3 GB of data usage for the month.

      Although you'll experience slower internet speed once you reach the 1 GB/day threshold, you can definitely still surf! Your internet speed will be back to normal by midnight. In the same way, if you reach the 3GB/month threshold, your normal internet speed will resume by the 1st of next month.

    8. Is there a way for me to avoid slow internet speed due to FUP? Do you have promos not subject to FUP?
      We no longer offer unlimited mobile data services for Postpaid customers, so we recommend that you register to any of our GoSURF variants. These offers are not subject to the Fair Use Policy. At GoSURF 999, you get 5GB of mobile data, plus awesome content like Spotify Premium and NBA League Pass!


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