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      First of all, I'm linking all the unanswered similar questions.  What are you doing Globe? Did you just really forgot to care? The problems below are only a representation of the real problem.

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      Re: I'm trying to get verified my Paypal account gamit ang G-cash mastercard

           how can i get my 4 digit verification code to verify my paypal acc?

      Can I use Globe GCASH American Express pang verify sa Paypal?

      Re: Unable to add AMEX Virtual Pay to PAYPAL

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      I'm experiencing the SAME issue.  The cause of PROBLEM is that we don't know where to find the 4-digit code. I used my paypal with other cards before and since they have transactions in the statement of account, paypal is able to send the 4 digit code.

      I can't find the code or account or what ever anywhere.


      I was deducted 2x on MAY 24.

      However I have 3 transactions reflecting. Does this mean that the account is verified?  where is the refund?

      if it is verified, then why does paypal say that it isn't.



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      I'd like for someone to please work on my refund and an answer to the question.  Reach out to me and I'll give you all the details of the account.

      email      : [email protected]

      phone       : 09275758997