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I just received my Globe Bill #240… and what does it mean? … I’ve been a Globe subscriber for 20 years! … 20 d*mn years since Globe Telecom entered the mobile phone industry using a new platform (at that time) called GSM and I was one of those who took the risk as an early adopter of that technology and boy there was no turning back.


No one else can question my loyalty with Globe and the reason why I am asserting this authority to speak my mind out on how I feel about being one of Globe’s pioneer subscribers.


While there have been a lot of changes since August of 1994, some things have remained the same… the 24 to 48 hours spiel, the forever “network enhancement” excuse, the filing of different reference and case numbers pertaining to the same problem and forever waiting for a resolution… if there’s one thing I learned on how to deal with these things, it is to document and write down everything in a letter form and have the letter duly received by Globe. This serves as proof that action is officially being sought for in case it gets elevated to a higher resolving body. Despite other channels like twitter, chat, live talk and all offerings of technology, the old fashioned way seems to work more effectively.


Rules and conditions have changed. Initial services which were advertised as unlimited no longer became standard but were being offered as promos. It has been decades since unlimited text to all networks was taken out and recently, unlimited in surfing is being avoided as reference and a cap ultimately is being used to throttle down surfing speeds reminiscent of the speed of data 10 years ago.

There are good things that happened and are continuing to happen. Network coverage has definitely improved and the company has committed to offer the fastest wireless data speed in the Philippines if not Southeast Asia. Attempts are being made to empower customers by equipping us means to take control of our subscription by offering promos which would cater to our needs. Not only that, the Globe Community has even provided a web platform where Globe subscribers could help anybody with their concerns regarding the company… a first to be institutionalized in the Philippines.


Does 20 make me feel special? Heck no but it’s a nice bragging right and I was wondering if Globe would feel the same way. Twenty years in the industry and being Number 1 in postpaid would have been a milestone but I guess Globe would just let it pass… or maybe they’re just too busy to remember…


Bill #240 came… still need to pay for it… it’s just another 20 years… after all, everything seems to be Business as Usual.


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