I had an issue reported regarding my pre termination and availment of new phone/ recontracting to cut the story short the agent did not disclose an amount which it turns out that it was a balance from my previous phone. I even called 4x to confirm my payment. I was shocked it reflected on my billing the 2nd month after i recontracted . I waited for almost a month and the findings is that the agent who called me really failed to disclose the fee amounting to 9,500. the sad part here is that they are obliging me to pay for this despite the error made by the agent and the only option they gave me is to deduct this either 9, 12 or 24 mos. If i had known this and was disclosed when I am transacting with the agent I will not pre-terminate my current plan. Is this business pratice of globe or this loyalty department only? The customer will pay for the mistake made by the agent? I did not agree to it and it seems that their urging me to do pay.