I was new to postpaid and was trying stuff how to pay my 1st bill easy. Even tried calling at 211 but sadly they dont know what they're talking about keep redirecting me to GCash hotline (sadly they also dont know how to help me. Anyway after a few trial and errors, I found out how easy to pay Globe postpaid using GCash.


Step 1 Download GServices app, register your number. After finishing to register at GServices, click [VIEW ACCOUNT DETAILS] below your name See the [ACCOUNT NUMBER]? IMPORTANT! WRITE IT DOWN! Another way to know account number is by calling 211 and asking.


Step 2 Take note of how much is your bill.


Step 3 (If you have the GCash App, which is functional) Login to your Gcash app then click  Paybills > Telecoms > Globe Postpaid Enter your account number and amount due, press next and you're done! It will take a maximum of 5 days before it register at your GServices (mine took 1day)


Step 3 IF YOU DONT HAVE THE GCASH APP Log in to globe.com.ph and login your details as above.


----- Example, my bill was P750, I paid P800 at globe website. On checking my GServices, I still had P750 due. I paid at GCash another P800, checked my GServices still I had P750 bill. I waited for a day and checked again my bill was now -P850. Both payments added up minus my bill, and that amount is to be deducted automatically to my next bill.  Amazing. I just have to share this. Hope this helps