Hello Guys,


Just want to share with you my postpaid ONLINE application experience/ timeline.


June 11 (night) 2018- I applied online for plan P2499 with handset and cashout, I opted for store pick-up

June 13 2018 - A globe rep reached out via email to asked for the documents

June 14 2018- I completed all the documents, I sent front and back of TIN (laminated) and UMID (as proof of identity and billing, they should have sample address) plus 1 month payslip

June 15 2018- Got a verification call. They asked for HR contact #.

June 19 2018- Got an email that the status is now on "Pending Delivery"- I got confused because I requested store pick-up, so I called the sales hotline- they can't see my my status on the system. I emailed [email protected] they replied but they just asked for my info.

June 25 2018- A globe online rep called me- saying that they are still verifying with HR

June 27 2018- Got a text that my application is already approved and I just need to wait for a text/call from my selected Globe Store (mine was in Rockwell mall Makati)

June 28 2018- Got the text from Globe store that my handset/ plan is ready for pick-up- I went there the same day and happily got my new shining phone and plan

June 29 2018- After 23 hours my sim/plan got activated.


In total, the processing time was about 12 business days. It took longer because our HR was not responsive but if yours is, then it might be faster.

Overall I am happy with my online application experience and I also got the handset color I want. Thank you Xandra (online sales rep) for processing my request! Thumbs up to you!