Who doesn’t love our four-legged pet pals? We call them “man’s best friend” for a reason!


Studies show that keeping pet dogs can lower stress and anxiety levels after a hard day’s work at the office. Who doesn’t like that, right? But not all types of dog breeds are the same. Some even require special attention and professional training. Luckily for us, Cesar Millan can teach us a thing or two about proper dog rearing.


Cesar Millan is a Mexican–American dog behaviorist. Known as “the dog whisperer”, he is especially skilled in training people how to, in turn, train their dogs to learn new skills and tricks that serve as stepping stones to forming a stronger relationship between pet owners and their pet dogs.


According to Millan, these are the tried-and-true essential commands that we should teach our pet dogs:


  1. Sit
    The most common command, sit! This is your first challenge as a pet owner. You should try your best to discipline your buddy to sit and behave. Don’t forget to give him a treat afterwards!

  2. Come
    This command is often useful when your pet dog has gotten out of his leash. Just remember to stay in an enclosed area while practicing this!

  3. Down
    The “down” command can be a very challenging trick to teach your pet dog since it puts him in a submissive position. To do this, hold your hand to your dog’s nose. When he starts sniffing it, lower your hand to the floor so he would follow. Rinse and repeat until it becomes a habit. Give him a treat after, of course!

  4. Stay
    A self-control command, it’s recommended to teach your pet dog to “sit” first teaching him to “stay”. Open the palm of your hand and tell him to “stay”. Now step backwards and see if he remains stationary in his position. If he stays, again don’t forget to give him a treat!


Training your dog new tricks is a real test of patience, but it can go a long way to strengthening the bond between the two of you as pet owner and pet dog. Your pet dog deserves a treat every time he learns a new trick. As pet owner, seeing him grow and become smarter is already a sweet treat in itself.