First of all... I want to take this opportunity to greet you and the rest of the Globe Team a Merry Christmas!


The intent of this letter is to provide feedback, give recommendations and Commend one of your managers in Billing Customer Care.


I placed a call today to Globe Hotline an hour back and spoke to Franz who transferred me to Billing and spoke to MJ. Franz was transparent to tell me that my complaint is out of scope and I wi need to speak from someone in the Billing department... MJ on the other hand is a disappointnent. She does not listen, she kept on asking me details of the issue that started in November making me very frustrated, interrupts me several times and stonewalling me when i started to express my frustration that lead me to ask for her supervisor as i am not confident that she is there to help.


I spoke to Charm Alvia who is MJs manager. She was very helpful, accomodating, swift, knowledgeable and the only person who was able to provide solutions. I would like to give her a shout out for a job well done!!


This is a task that the personnel from the business centers from SM Marilao / SM North and another person from Globe Billing Hotline miserably failed to do for the last month and a half.


Root Cause is simple.. Globe needs to improve on delivering changes to their subscribers data plan. In this case the anti shock bill charges from 501php to 1500. Globe Telecomm do send emails for billing on a monthly basis but opted to use Facebook and your website to inform everyone.. Out of curiosity, how many of your subscribers go to your website to get updates and follow your Facebook page? We deserve to be informed and disappointing that Globe failed all of us.


Netflix subscription as a trial period is a plus but again.. Everyone we spoke provide wrong information on subscription cancellation process leading to unwanted charges. I was told send a message and log out which i did a on my 5th month of subscription.


In a nutshell, we have to deal with this nightmare since November, going back and forth with business centers and customer support. I get disconnections from here and there (3 times) And again today, on christmas eve!! Really guys???


The only saving grace Globe have is Charm, who is the only person in Globe who is willing to do her job and help. I want to thank her with all my heart for doing an extremely excellent job today!! Shout out to the Globe leadership!! You need more people like Charm in your organization and please take good care of her as she is a dying specie in the customer support industry.



I hope this letter gets the attention it deserves and again May you all have a wonderful Christmas!!