Anyone from Globe who can help us assist with our concern, please. We don’t know where we can find a better person who can resolve our issue. This problem started since October 2016, but still not yet resolve. We’ve been complaining it thru your hotline and it sucks no one can resolve our problem. Every time we called your hotline, we’ve been repeating the scenario and then, still nothing happens, the problem is still the same.


We’ve been requesting to revert our old plan to MGV005- 1 MB BUNDLE - WIRED 995 and we never agreed to change our plan into MJS462 - PLAN 1299 10MBPS 100GB+HQ-DSL. They changed our plan last September 2016 in reference to order# 25791875 and it also indicated that it has a Chrome Cast Device, but we did not received anything. We need agreed nor accept anything as we don’t want to change our plan instead we want to stay and continue our old plan.


We even visited SM Megamall store last January 28 to report and reconnect our line. They suggested us to pay our balance then they said that 1 to 3 days they will revert our old plan, so we did, we settled the balance and they reconnected our line, but its June already and our plan is still 1299. How inconvenient !


Here’s the account details and reference number:


Account# 835803578

Account Name: Mrs. Evelyn  Romovio Domingo

Contact# 09184377972/23582415


Reference# WLO17030009449, WLO17030002482, WLO17020016207, WLO17020010260 and WLO17020005132

Change main plan: CPL16090003445