A good web content writer is essential for the success of a site. The most elegant, carefully designed web pages are nothing without content, and many sites have a great start, but fade away in time, because they fail to provide their visitors with fresh, updated information.



The constant, and ever-increasing, demand for content has triggered an explosion in the number of people offering such services. Anybody with a text processor and Internet access claims to be a web content writer these days, and this makes the selection process extremely difficult and time-consuming. There are however a few things you can do to mitigate the risks, to speed things up, and to obtain the best possible results.



What Are the Risks Involved in Hiring a Web Content Writer?

Before hiring a web content writer, take a moment to think what you might lose by getting the wrong person.



1. Time

You could post an ad, screen hundreds of potential candidates, read their resumes and their portfolios (which, in case of a web content writer, will generally be quite consistent some have thousands of pages published), and so on. In the end, you may end up wasting more time than it's actually needed to write the texts in question.

In the online world, time is of the essence. Publishing fresh information faster than your competition can greatly improve the visibility of your web site, so you can't always afford to waste weeks in the selection process, before hiring a web content writer. But you won't have to waste any time, where hundreds of freelancers are available to take your orders immediately.



2. Visitors and potential clients

Internet users are not the most patient people. In fact, they have no patience at all for a web site that isn't updated, or that doesn't display the information concisely and correctly.



3. Ranking

A poorly written text may hurt your ranking with major search engines considerably. This is particularly valid if the text was copied from the web, and you didn't catch this problem in time and don't assume that somebody claiming to be a web content writer is always honest and hard-working, as, unfortunately, cheaters flourish. That's where it can help, by providing a preliminary check for plagiarism.



4. Money

It's strange to see money so low on the list. The fact is that you can hire a low-quality web content writer for very little, if you search hard enough, so maybe the financial loss won't be considerable, even if you end up with a lot of unusable content. However, when you put things into perspective, and when you add up the other elements on the list, you realize that the financial loss is actually greater than the amount you paid to the writer.



5. Credibility

Visitors who found unreliable data on your site once may never return again. An essential, and over overlooked skill of a web content writer is knowing how to select and double-check the documentation sources used.



How to Hire the Best Web Content Writer... for You

So, getting a poor web content writer can seriously harm your business, but where do you find the best one, who can bring you new clients and keep the old ones returning? There's no such thing as the best web content writer. Since the requirements vary considerably from one project to another, a writer who got amazing results on a fashion blog may completely ruin a corporate web site about car rentals.



That's why it's essential to establish what you need, and to get the right person for the job. One of the main advantages of a site like freelance writing philippines is that you can easily split your project into different parts. For instance, you can get an exceptional copywriter to do your press releases, and assign the rest of the materials to a web content writer, who has lower fees without compromising quality in the process.



Once you have a general idea of what type of writer you need, you may want to check the writer's background. This is easier said than done. It's very difficult to get (and check) credentials of people living in another time zone. Fortunately, the rating system allows you to select people who have finished projects and received good feedback from their previous employers, and, at the same time, you can refine your options based on your budget once more, as people with lower ratings will also have lower prices. It's always a good idea to select a freelancer from a website that's dedicated to writing projects, and not one of those that cater globally, to all freelancing needs. If a web content writer stands out in a writing community, than you've found yourself a winner.



A web content writer will have basic knowledge of SEO principles, usability, readability, and so on. Whether or not your project also requires expertise in the respective niche, that's something that only you can decide. Good writers can cover an incredible variety of topics, but, of course, if you're looking for highly specialized content, you should emphasize that aspect in your requirements.



How to Check the Work Delivered by a Web Content Writer

Once you receive the delivery from your chosen web content writer, the work is not done, quite to the contrary, you'll have lots of things to do. First and foremost, check the texts as soon as possible. If you have questions or if you want corrections, it's best to send the copy back quickly, before the web content writer gets involved in other projects.



There are few things to keep in mind when you check the work provided.



Before reading the text, try to get a quick overview by "scanning" it. This is what the visitors to your web site will do. Ask yourself: is this on the topic? Is the information clear and easy to find? Does the text contain the information I expected to see?

  • Now take your time to read the entire text provided by the web content writer. Make sure it flows well, and it's accessible to a broad audience. Some writers tend to display their impressive vocabulary and their perfect use of punctuation in 300-word sentences. While this may be an asset for academic writers, it's definitely not recommended for web content.
  • Check for fluff content. Fluff is one of the most hated things on the Internet, and a good, but tired and bored web content writer can easily disguise lack of information with useless sentences.
  • Visualize the formatting. Normally, an experienced web content writer knows how to include things that make the text more appealing such as headings and lists but do keep in mind that the text will look completely different on a web page than in a text document, so ultimately it's up to you to decide what works.
  • Check the compliance with your requirements. It may seem commonsensical, but sometimes you can be so thrilled with an excellent piece of text, that you forget to check if it has the required keyword density, for example.
  • Have a quick look at grammar issues. Most clients hate this and it's understandable, it should be the writer's responsibility entirely. But, ultimately, the text is your image in front of your clients, so one last check doesn't hurt, to make sure everything is perfect. Of course, if you hire a web content writer, the chances of stumbling upon somebody who doesn't even pay attention to basic grammar issues are low, compared to other places.
  • Monitor the results. This is the most often ignored aspect but it's an essential one. Check regularly to see if the content performs well, and determine the steps needed to make sure follow-on texts will do even better. Sometimes wonderfully crafted articles flop completely, and it's not always easy to determine why, and even a great web content writer may strike out every now and then.

Once you're sure you received exactly what you wanted, make a note of the freelancers who delivered the best work. If you found a good web content writer, who suits your needs, it's wise to keep contact details handy, as you'll surely need more work done sometimes in the future. You can always request a certain writer directly, if you want to. On the other hand, it's not a bad idea to try other writers as well, especially if you have large orders. Sometimes a fresh perspective, from a writer you haven't tested before, can yield unexpected results.