I went to globe telecom sm lucena to pay our monthly due as well as buy a powerbank on mar 3, i did after looking at the 3 powerbanks, i was torn between the jaguar and the bessiter, i settled for the jaguar, i ask the cashier to get me a new one, she did and put it straight in the paper bag without checking it, it never occur to me to inspect it as well, since the place is busy and crowded and it makes you feel to finish your business as soon as possible and because of that i wanted to get out of there, so when i got home and opened it to my horror theres a scratch, i wasnt able to get much sleep that night thinking of that scratch and how stupid i am, the next day i went there and told them, but they told me that they have a store policy, once its out of their store its not there problem anymore, i was shaking and trying to hold back my tears because i dont know what do, and it didnt help when the guy who i was talking to bowed his head and do whatever he was doing there in his computer, he made me feel like since my business is done and he cant do anything about it, i should just leave, and i did, i mean  who should i blame? myself for being stupid for trusting them for believing that their goods are 100% in good condition since it is sealed, i mean even if i were to check it there i might not notice it since their place is somewhat dim, unlike in my house its really bright so i was able to see it upon opening, i was so happy and excited when i bought my first powerbank but with that scratch i dont know and im just glad that i didnt buy the 1k powerbank or i might have cried inside the store and now that i think of it, their people has a habit of not checking their merchandise, i also bought a wifi, she didnt even opened it, she just put it straight in the bag without even giving me a demo, i have to read the manual so many times just to get it right, and to think i was thinking of buying other accessories from them, what a let down, i never learned my lesson