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    Authorization Fees

    TJ of GCash

      Ever wondered why, when you've just enrolled your GCash American Express Virtual Pay or GCash MasterCard on, say Google Play, you immediately get charged PHP 60.00 on your account? Big question is, why did this happen when you haven't even purchased anything yet? We call these authorization fees (or authorization fees)charges that merchants initiate to make sure that your card is valid, active, and have sufficient funds in it. It's an industry standard and not unique to GCash. Most merchants usually charge USD 1.00 or its equivalent—but it could be larger, like PayPal's USD 1.95 (https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/article/FAQ554).


      For credit card users, this isn't really a thing, since credit card companies charge on credit, and can pull the authorization fees on the fly. However, on debit and prepaid cards, these requests are deducted real time, but will be refunded to your account at a later date.

      So next time you enroll your GCash MasterCard or GCash American Express Virtual Pay on an online store and you get charged a buck or so, you now know it's an authorization fee.


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