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    new to globe


      Hi , I am thinking of signing up with a contract with globe, there are a few questions that i would appreciate help with...

      , I have recently bought an unlocked phone for my partner, but there is a problem with the signal with this particular brand in the province, I am thinking of signing up for a contract with Globe... I would like to give my partner the contract phone and take her unlocked phone as my own as i know it works fine hwere i am...... I guess my question is can i use my contract sim in the phone i bought my partner, and would she be able to use a pre- paid globe or TM sim card without any problems in the phone i recieve from globe... just would like to be aware of any problems before i tie myself into a contract.... many thanks...


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          Yes go ahead. You can do either ways. Sim swap as long as globe/tm sim.

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            As most of the contract phone Globe offers only works with Globe or TM sim cards either postpaid or prepaid (also known as network locked phones). But there are some instances if you are lucky that the device may also be factory unlocked, meaning you can use other sim cards even from different telco. There is no issue even if giving the contract phone to your partner as long the sim you will use is just Globe or TM it should work.

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