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    Refund "Completed" (or not?)




      I tried booking through ctrip.com last April 27, 2016 using my Paypal account wherein I registered my Gcash Mastercard. However, the merchant replied that there was no more available room so they did a refund the day after. However, it has already been more than a month and after talking to a number of different agents every week and sending countless emails to the support team, the only answer given was *still in process*. How come the payment was very fast but the refund's taking a while? According to Paypal, the amount should have been reflected to my account in 7 days but it has been more than a month now. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Can someone please enlighten me with this "still in process" that is shown to the agents I have talked to? Some agents were telling me that the support team MIGHT be waiting for the reply from the merchants. However, I am in communication with these two websites and they told me that the transfer has been completed and it's already up to my card issuer when the money will be reflected in my account. Is it possible that these websites' agents have been replying to me and ignoring their messages? Can someone please help me? The amount is quite big as well so I'm really worrying as to where my money had gone to. Thank you so much. tjofgcash

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          Be patient, got my refund after 3 months (Gcash refunded me of the Paypal declined transaction that they still charged me last March). TJ Of GCASH said it will take up to 180 days, but they will surely refund. Let's just be patient, very very very patient.