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    Go surf 299


      Kahapun regestered aq sa go surf15 din ng loadcard aq ng 300 para maka regester ng go surf 299 dn walang ng weply sence dipa tapus ang go surf15 ko ipina stop q xa after nun ng txt sakin no no longer regestered na aq din nag regester ulit aq sa go surf299 sence wala naman ng reply sa inulit ko lng, and then my bals is already 1.50 what happened? Please paki ayus naman thank you ill try to call 211 but wala na akung load... I hope its free to call 211 regarding for emergency like this

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          Hi joyn_23,


          You haven't received any text message but your load was already deducted. Tendency was, you are already registered to the promo however the text notification is just delayed. have you ever tried to use or surf the internet after your load has been deducted? The next time you will encounter the same, try to surf even there's no notification as long as you have already deducted with the promo amount. Calling 211 is free. But if you encounter problems in calling, you may try also the other support channels.

          Support channels
          Live Chat:http://chat.globe.com.ph/
          SMS:Just text HELP to 1234
          Hotlines:02-730-1000 / 211



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