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      I am a Globe Blue subscriber. I have been very happy with the service until today. I tried to globe the BLUE hotline only to be routed to the regular customer service hotline. To my surprise I was informed that the blue service has been discontinued. I was not informed. I am guessing that other customers have not been informed either. I also don't see any press release around this. This is unacceptable. Prior to having the Plan 2499, I already have the Plan 1799. I got an additional line simply because I want to enjoy the perks of being a globe blue customer. Now I am stuck with 2 plans without the perks. Because I was happy with the perks of being a globe blue customer, I even recently upgraded my plan 1799. I talked to a Manager earlier to get this resolved. His name is Sean James David (ZAPS5898M). He was very unhelpful. I want an acceptable resolution to this issue. I am paying an tons to get the perks. If I will be a regular account holder, what was the point of paying for 2 very expensive plans? Does anyone else have the same issue? How will this be resolved?