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    100 % i'm satisfied with globe service ( Gcash funding , bank fund transfer to Gcash, converting load to Gcash, the call, the text, and internet ) the only problems are the 2333, 2910, and 2624.


      Yes, 100% I am really satisfied with the globe service (  I'm using TM ) . First time i tried Gcash  ( I registered by dialling *143#)  and go to Globe store to verify my KYC and use my atm to activate my mpin no problem. I tranfer my fund from my bank account ( i dialled *119# and pick my bank ) to my Gcash no problem very smooth .. i also used my Gcash to buy load by dialing *143# no problem.. I also converted my load to Gcash no problem just use the globe site to do the job.. and last I deposited my Gcash fund to my bank account no problem very smooth this is really the best service I want .. it is really very simple and easy... I really don't have problem with globe Gcash service.. the call , the text, and internet promo  no problem ..the only problem I  think are the numbers 2333, 2910, and 2624 because these promo I think are fake not real and scam. ..tm and globe should act regarding these scam promos.