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      Hi. I would just like to ask how Globe sends the billing statements to the accountholders? When I applied last May 12, I asked if I can change the mailing address to my present address (instead of my permanent provincial address) but the salesperson informed me that they have paperless billing now so it's irrelevant. My account has been replenished today (e.g. data full). How do I pay for last month's service?



      Also, I've consumed my 5gb data almost a week ago. Two nights ago, I've applied to GS50 promo to prevent high data charges - my current unbilled charges then was 373 (I think). My application was processed and I surfed some sites. The next morning, unbilled charges rose up to 900something, but I checked the data available for consumption and it was 1400mb.


      Are the gods punishing me?


      Kidding. What do I do now?