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    Tattoo Home Broadband Subscription Issue


      Dear Globe,


      I've been a long-time Globe subscriber and I have enjoyed using its various services for the most part, so that's why when agents started going house-to-house in our area offering Globe Broadband last March, I immediately called the agent's number in the flyer, eager to finally replace our current home broadband from a competitor that we were dissatisfied with.


      I asked if the 7mbps plan was available in our area. She said yes. I asked again, and she confirmed her answer. She said they'll come the next day and they did. The modem and the bundled phone was set up immediately and I was satisfied. That had to be the fastest application and connection time ever. That was March 17.


      They told me to wait 24 hours for the subscription to be activated. I did, but after a day and a half, the phone was still unreachable via its landline number and the internet connection was intermittent and unusable. I called the hotline and was told they'll look into it and that I should monitor my internet connection in the meantime. A day passed, still no go. So I called again.  The connection never reached even half of the advertised plan I signed up for and the phone still unreachable. They said their technicians will be looking into it. I was starting to think the device they gave me was a lemon.


      This back-and-forth went on for a week with no noticeable changes until March 26 came. They called to inform me that it wasn't my device nor do they have any on-going maintenance in my area and that it was because my area wasn't covered by the 7mbps plan. It wasn't even covered by the 5mbps plan. The fastest plan available was the 2mbps one and they asked if I wanted to downgrade. I of course voiced my disagreement and displeasure at this, stating that the only reason I got the 7mbps subscription was because it was a huge step-up from our current 3mbps subscription from the competitor. It would be absurd to change over to an inferior subscription. I also told them that because this has been an error on their part, it invalidates our contract since I signed it under the knowledge that they were offering me the 7mbps plan when in reality, such plan doesn't even exist in my area. I wanted the line disconnected on this ground and they told me that I will have to pay the termination fee as well as the fee for all the remaining months of my subscription. I am APPALLED and OUTRAGED to say the least.


      I had my call escalated to someone higher and they agreed that the termination fee and the fee for the remaining months will be waived and that I will be refunded. This pacified me a bit and restored a bit of my faith with Globe. I was told to wait for 2-3 weeks for two statements of account that they will be mailing me and after that I can proceed with my refund at any Globe store. I received the first one on the 31st of March and the next one on May 1st. Both statements floored me. I'm not sure where they got the charges reflected on my account, but they not only do not reflect the "termination/monthly fee waived + refund" they promised me, but they are also telling me to pay 500+ pesos for an "admin fee" from the subscription they scammed me with. Yes, SCAMMED. Because that's how I feel: I feel SCAMMED.


      I called the hotline hoping to get some sort of clarification about the bills sent to me, only to be told that NO, they can't help me because I have already had my subscription terminated and that NO, they cannot transfer my call to the department that I had talked to the last time (the one whose supervisor told me that the termination/monthly fee will be waived and that I will be entitled to a refund. I asked why they can't help me. Even if my subscription has been terminated, they are still trying to be bill me; therefore, the account has not been closed in the full sense of the word. Needless to say, that call didn't end well. (I apologize to the agent I talked to; I'm sure it wasn't his fault that he wasn't briefed on how to handle disgruntled customers who had been screwed over.)


      A technician came over without notifying me in advance and so he wasn't able to retrieve the modem and phone. No one has been back since. I have had three numbers call me in the past, looking for me and I'd assumed they were all Globe agents and I really wanted to talk to them. But each time I answered them, the call gets dropped and they hadn't followed-up since. Pretty sure it wasn't on my end either; all my other calls during those days were crisp and clear.


      I apologize for the long rant; this has been an unaddressed issue for months. I wanted to talk to someone from the billing department before I set aside time, effort, and money to go to a Globe store. If this can be resolved remotely without requiring me to go to a store, all the better.


      I'm not even asking to have the whole of what I paid for refunded (3,199). Even just the 1999 for the subscription what I wasn't able to use would suffice. But nooo, you even want me to pay for the service that you botched up and screwed me over with. I know that amount is peanuts to you, but that's hard-earned money right there and I'm not one to throw money around like it grows on trees.


      Please tell me if you could look into this matter or if I should escalate this to higher & more authoritative channels to have my issue addressed.


      Globe/Landline Broadband A/N: 862324192

      Globe Mobile (the bundled wireless phone): 1032221100