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    early termination fee


      Hi guys,


      I wanted to know, how much is the early termination of globe subscription.

      I got broadband + phone for P1200/m, I'm on the 6th month now, if i will cancel or terminate this contract

      what would be the cost?


      thank you.

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          Call 027301300 toll free using any globe line.

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            i wanna share with you the things i know...

            So Edm's answer was right but i f you have an existing balance, it will be added to the bill.

            So here's the formula in terminating the service (broadband+landline) :

            early termination fee ( 2500 ) + twice of your monthly billing + remaining balance

            I can understand about ETF + remaining balance, what i cannot understand why customer are being billed twice for no reason. You know why i said "no reason", i talk to several people from globe, first over the phone then through chat support, both of them told me they cannot answer the question "why am i being charge twice of my monthly bill" according to them i need to go a globe center to properly address the matter, of course they gave me a very LAME answer, as per terms and condition...

            Now i went to globe center just this morning, talk to customer service rep. told her my story. Then she explained to me everything about my bill. Everything went well except for the part where i ask about, "why do you bill customer twice of their monthly bill?" their must be a logical reason why you need to bill your customer twice. And i was amazed, first she told me, "As per terms and condition that i signed in the contract" I said okay, but is their any specific and logical reason why? she then told me, Sir can i get back to you, i need to consult these matter to my manager. then I said "Okay". After more than 5 mins  she came back. surprised, she told me nobody new about the reason, that's the only reason,as per terms and condition then i said, in sort i said,  its like a "dogma" you don't question, just believe! i was just calm though while talking to her. Then i added up, maybe the reason/s why you bill customer twice because 1. to pissed customer off 2. to punish customer because they did not finish the contract 3 to teach customer a lesson 4 trip lang !!! of course i ended up paying the bill.

            think about that's why its called ETF (early termination fee) because i did not finish my contract i have to pay the price, totally understandable plus the remaining balance, its the service that i use of course i need to pay for that too, but Billing TWICE of the Monthly Bill, that's crazy.

            I apologize for this long post. It has been a long day for me.

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                Sir did they say you have to pay it in a full amount? It can't be staggered? 
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                  Does anyone know if this is the same for the other carriers? I totally agree with everything you've said. I think this is also their strategy for the subscribers to think twice before actually terminating their contract. Personally, I don't think the additional 2 months service fee is fair and someone must do something about it. I may have skipped this part in the T&C if it was really there but does anyone have a copy of it? I can't seem to find my contract.

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                      thanks buddy for sharing the same  idea ....

                      I mean it's so lame just to give an answer .."Terms and condition"

                      It's really unfair for us subscribers paying for something that they themselves could not even explain or give you a rational and valid reason why we're being billed twice.

                      I would be happy if someone here from globe could explain further for that, and i would be more than willing to pay for everything.

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                    I was planning nga sana na kasuhan tong mga taga globe n to for giving wrong info bout broad band plan 1599,,ano pa magagawa ko e naikabit na,, lahat mapa customer service, technician, nakakapikon...all they can say is sorry,sorry,sorry, anong magagawa ng sorry nyo? The damage is already done!! Eh kung yun nalang na hire nyo na 3rd party na tga install ang pababayarN ko sa termination fee...kaya nga nagtatanong b4 magpa kabit tos maling info ang ibibigay...bat kc kayo nag hahire ng iba para mag install at mag lako ng mga produkto nyo...? Ang laki ng company walang sariling taga install....d2 yan sa zamboanga city...